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Vista Product Line

Vista NanoBioSensorTM benchtop unit

The Vista NBS has all the electrical components required to generate, store and analyze nanowire FET data integrated into one benchtop unit. Stainless steel enclosure allows for easy decontamination. Benchtop unit includes software-controlled miniature peristaltic pump for NanoCardTM activation/functionalization or for conducting flow-through experiments. Vista NanoBioSensorTM software included.

Requires computer running Microsoft Windows 7 or later. 110VAC/60 Hz or 220V/50 Hz AC power.

Vista NanoBioSensorTM portable unit

The Vista Portable NBS has all the capabilities of the benchtop version but only weighs 3 pounds and can run from batteries, 12VDC as well as 110VAC/60 Hz or 220V/50 Hz AC power.

Requires computer running Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

NanoBioSensorTM software

Vista designed software to make NanoBioSensorTM data collection and analysis easy for the end user.

Included free with the NanoBioSensorTM. Not sold separately.


Vista provides NanoCards containing up to 15 nanowire FET circuits. After functionalization with the capture molecule(s) meeting your interests, the NanoCards can be used in two ways. By connecting the tubing that comes with the NanoCard to the NBS miniature peristaltic pump, one can pull samples from Eppendorf tubes, flasks or other containers to monitor differences between samples, changes over time due to concentration changes or binding effects related to temperature.

NanoCards can also be used with discrete samples using a pipette tip to directly inject samples into the nanowire chamber.

Depending upon the stability of the capture molecules used and storage conditions, NanoCards can usually be used with several samples over multiple days. With dryable modified aptamers and nanobodies we have used NanoCards two years after initial functionalization.

NanoCards are shipped in nitrogen filled pouches.


DipChips are a form of NanoCard (both have identical chip) designed so that the end of the chip with nanowires may be submerged into tissue culture wells, flasks or specially designed fluid holders for dilute blood, urine or other bodily fluid of interest. Reusable DipChip functionalization/channel hardware can be used as a flow-through NanoCard. By connecting DipChips from tube to tube, several different biomarkers may be measured at once. Vista also sells a special lid and gaskets for holding DipChips in place using a 6-well plate.

DipChips are shipped in nitrogen filled pouches.

NanoCardTM and DipChipTM activation/functionalization kits

Vista sells two kits for activating and functionalizing NanoCards and DipChips. One kit creates active amine groups on the nanowires while the other kit creates aldehyde groups. Thus capture molecules with either primary aliphatic amine groups or aldehyde groups can be covalently attached to the surface of the nanowires. Each kit provides enough materials to functionalize either 5 DipChips or 5 NanoCards.

Kits do not contain actual capture molecules which must be purchased separately

Accessories: NanoCardTM heater

Temperature is a physical parameter of primary importance in biochemistry and by extension, biomarker sensing by nanowires. Binding of antibodies to antigens, melting of double stranded oligonucleotides and maintenance of tertiary structures needed for aptamer function and conductance of the silicon nanowire itself all have temperature dependence to greater or lesser degree. In order to set and monitor the temperature of the chamber where nanowires reside on the NanoCards, Vista offers a stand-alone adjustable infrared heater with NanoCards containing thermistors adjacent to nanowires for temperature read-out and control. The temperature at the nanowire surface is constantly displayed by LED readout.

Requires NanoBioSensorTM sold separately.

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